Friday, January 18, 2008

Cory & I... aka... Corylynn!

1. How Long Have You Been Together? It will be 7 years in June '08

2. How Long Did You Date? What do you think I'm doing right now? I have no ring on my finger so I consider all our time dating.

3. How Old Is He? 8 day's older then me. We both turned 24 in December.

4. Who Eats More? That could be a toss up... but I think Cory Win's here.

5. Who Said "I Love You" First? I don't know? It was a mutual feeling... but I can see myself saying it first.

6. Who Is Taller? Another toss up question... j/k! Cory is almost 2" taller. I like him just the way he is.

7. Who Is The Better Singer? Well... I was the Ebell Scholarship recipient my senior year for Best Vocals (out of the whole Anaheim Union High School District)... But Cory also just starred as Danny Zucko in Westwood's College's performance of GREASE... and he pretty much rocked the house... but overall... I think I'm a little (lot) better.

8. Who Is Smarter? Cory. He is a fricken Genius. He has held a constant 4.0 gpa and is going to graduate top of his class. I'm so proud of him.

9. Who Does The Laundry? He does. I sometimes help.

10. Who Does The Dishes? Cory. I hate dishes. He knows this... so he takes care of trash & dishes... and I'm happy to do the rest.

11. Who's more patient? I'm a Jex... does that answer you question? Cory has made me a more patient individual... so this one goes to him.

12. Who Pays The Bills? I do... but also think that it's important to keep him involved with where the $$$ is going. We both like to be on the same page.

13. Who Mows The Lawn? Who mows their own lawn anymore? Hello... there are so many "Lawn" businesses out there... someone will do it for $5. My answer is Hire someone.

14. Who Cooks? We both do. I love to cook & bake... but Cory makes some gourmet meals (he gets that from his Dad). When I was in school... he would always have something ready for me to eat when I got home... but now we're reversing rolls because he's in school. (Only 4 more months to go!!!)

15. Who's More Stubborn? As stated in question #11... Cory is more patient & easygoing... and I'm a Jex.

16. Who Kissed Who First? I told Cory that I wanted to take the relationship really slow... and he took that to the max. I think he was afraid to kiss me... so he respected my wishes and didn't. Well... it had been almost 3 weeks & I was getting tired of waiting... so one night he was walking me back to my car... I went to go open the door & was about to get in... but then I said to myself... screw it! I turned around and grabbed his face & planted a good one on him. Totally caught him off guard.

17. Who Asked Who Out? Funny story. I was in love with Cory but didn't think that he was interested in me at all. There was another girl who also liked Cory & asked me to help he get Cory to ask her to Homecoming. Well, I walked in to class one day & in front of the other girl Cory asked me out to Homecoming. But that was high school... & we only dated for 3 weeks & then I called it quits for some stupid reason. But about 4-5 months later... we both asked each other out & that's how it's been for almost 7 years now.

18. Who Proposed? Um... sensitive subject for me... because there is not ring yet. Cory believes that he should be completed with College first so you don't start off a marriage struggling. I agree... there are so many couples out there who have no $$$ because they have no schooling... so I kind of agree with Cory. Granted, I want to get married... but Good things come to those who wait.

19. Who Is More Sensitive? I think we are both sensitive in different ways. I am because I have P.C.O.S. & let me tell ya... I'm a walking time bomb. Cory is sensitive & isn't afraid to show it. (He was crying his head off while watching "I AM SAM".)

20. Who Has More Friends? Well, most of my friends moved away... and all of his are still here and local. My friends consist of a few co-workers, my sisters & Mom, a few church friends that are still close to me... and of course Cory. I do think that Cory has me beat out in this category.

21. Who Has More Siblings? Hello... I'm a Jex. How many times do I have to remind you? I'm the 2nd oldest of 6... Cory's an only child.

22. Who Are You Tagging? Ummm.... no one. I say... If you want to do this... then do so. I'm not forcing anyone to do anything they don't want to do. :)


Terina said...

i love your answer to number 15. i think that should be our excuse for everything....

James and Lauren said...

startign out broke isns so bad... it brings you together...and you are basicaly married already without the ring... 3 more years and you are common law fool! But i love you...