Sunday, December 30, 2007

Missing you this Christmas

Well... this is the first holiday with out Grandpa Jex and let me tell you... it's different. Knowing that he won't be there when we have our holiday gathering this year sitting down with his arms folded, laughing at the jokes, and listening to all us grand kids sing. I'll miss the way he sings "Grandma got ran over by a reindeer" so proudly. We haven't had the Jex Holiday gathering yet... but I guarantee you that it will be different. I was just looking at my pictures of Last years Holiday gathering and found these & wanted to share. 2006 was the best Jex's Holiday gathering. Enjoy. Love and Miss you so much Grandpa.

...that is the question?

Ok... this is a great story.
(if you have an uneasy stomach... skip this post!)

One day at my old apartment, I was taking a shower trying to get ready for the day. Well, there's only one bathroom at my place... and Cory really had to use the restroom. He couldn't wait one more second. So I closed the shower curtain & let him do his business. Well, 2 minutes later... he started cracking up hysterically. I was like... what happened? Cory then directed me towards the toilet. This is what was found...

That's why I love ya babe!!!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My sisters...

All I have to say... is damn, we look good. (From left to right... Deandra, Me, LeeElle, Janae)

I think my parents did a good job. I'm going to say a few positive things about each one...

LeeElle is the oldest... therefore she will most likely die first.j/k
She also is very smart & married a very handsome man who I love dearly. She's going to be a very bossy mom... but her kids will be very structured & come out perfectly fine.

Janae is the 3rd oldest. She is very beautiful & knows it. She's what we call "book smart" but "street stupid". She going to school for nursing & will be there to change my bed-pan when I'm sick in the hospital. That's love.

Deandra is the youngest of the girls. She is crazy. She's a "Shiquanda" if you know what I mean. She works a lot... as a waitress. I'm waiting for her to go to EMT school where she will do great. She'll be there to give me CPR & my favorite... mouth to mouth!

Well... those are my sisters. I love them very much and wouldn't trade them for... less than $1,000,000!!! Any offers?

Photo's from our Big Bear Trip

Thursday, December 6, 2007

December Birthday's SUCK!!!

Some interesting information... my parents were married in the month of March. Every year they usually go away for their aniversary to celebrate. Well, I'm a December baby along with 2 of my other siblings (Janae- Dec.26th & Collin- Dec. 20th)... so you can do the math.

Growing up... I never had any money. Maybe a buck or two stuffed in my sock drawer... but that's it. The only time of the year I had $$$ was in December... around my Birthday. So every year I get my birthday $$$ & end up spending it on other peoples X-mas gifts. Sucks huh. Also, you have people out there who are like... "Here's your Birthday/Christmas gift." Whatever... those people suck.

It get's harder and harder each year. See Cory's Birthday is just 8 day's before mine... and for the past 5 years... we haven't done a gift exchange because we're poor.

Let me set the record straight... this year I don't want any gifts for my B-day. That's right, NO GIFTS. I just want to go out and have a good dinner with people I love. That's it. I'm just rambling now. Ok... I'm signing off now. BA HUMBUG!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cory finally gave me a ring!!!

So on the way up to Big Bear this past weekend... we decided to stop and get a bite to eat. Well, we ended up eating at "Uncle Howie's Pizza Place" in Redlands, Ca.
Classy! Well... while waiting for our food... Cory went to the Arcade to play some ski-ball. Well... 5 minutes later he returns to the booth where I'm waiting anxiously for my food and says, "Babe, this trip has made me realize how much I love you... and I... I..." before he finishes his sentace I'm already rolling my eye's out of disgust & he holds up a plastic ring that he won in the arcade.
I love it when Cory mocks me. I still have the ring on... even though I didn't let him finish his sentence. (Actually, I'm only wearing it because I cannot get it off my finger... it's too fat.)

Well... I wanted to share this pathetic story with ya'll.

Happy Birthday Cory!!!

Last Sunday (12/02) was Cory's 24th B-day. We went to Big Bear & stayed in my Co-workers Cabin. We hit to the slopes for a day... he snowboarded & I skied. We ate prime rib... which was delicious. It was a fun weekend. How cool is this... Cory and I went shopping at Costco the day before we left and found Pancake batter in an aerosol can. Like whip cream... but Pancake batter. Crazy huh. Cory had to buy it. He said how can you pass up Pancake batter in an aerosol can? Let me tell ya, it's not possible.
Anyway... Happy Birthday sweetie pie.